High-performance solvent based Adhesive HA960/ A900


GLYMO is a term used to describe the substance (3- glycidyloxypropyl) trimethoxy silane CAS No. 2530-83-8. GLYMO functions as an adhesion promoter and has historically been used in adhesives for high performance applications. Following the 11th Amendment to the EU Plastics Regulation (EU 10/2011), GLYMO has now been assessed as potentially genotoxic. Although the substance is explicitly permitted in food packaging, a limit of 0.15 µg/kg has been set to ensure its safe use for food applications. Packaging producers are responsible for verifying that its concentration remains below the specified migration limits under conditions of use. However, as testing is complicated the simpler solution is to have formulations that are GLYMO-free.

This is also in line with guidelines from the European adhesive association FEICA, which has recommended its members replace GLYMO in food packaging adhesives. Committed to sustainable development and consumer safety, Brilliant has created a new adhesive system to provide customers with a solution that is both completely free of GLYMO and is also high-performance in function. The all-new HA960 adhesive serves as a base for medium-high and high- performance applications.

Aliphatic Isocyanate

Furthermore, adhesives based on aliphatic isocyanates have non- yellowing properties, and packaging material made with such adhesives can be used in applications where yellowing is a concern.

Most conventional polyurethane-based laminating adhesives are based on aromatic isocyanates. The concern with these adhesives is that there is a risk of PAA migration (Primary Aromatic Amines) when the adhesive in the packaging material has not cured sufficiently and foodstuff is packaged in such packaging material. A900 is a system based entirely on aliphatic isocyanates. This eliminates the risk of any PAA migration since there is no aromatic isocyanate in the adhesive. PAA will not occur, no matter what the temperature exposure is.

These risks are especially elevated at when packaging materials are subjected to high temperatures such as in high-performance applications like hot fill and retort. In such elevated temperature applications standard PU adhesives made with aromatic isocyanates can degrade, leading to formation of PAA, especially at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius.

With adhesives made with aliphatic isocyanate there is no risk of PPA

Modular System

Compliant with FDA 177.1390

The system, which is specifically designed for high-temperature food contact and medical retort applications, is modular in its design: the adhesive Brilliant HA960 can be combined with a variety of hardeners, making it versatile. Brilliant currently offers two hardeners, each with different specifications for a variety of applications.

Microwavable adhesives for convenience food products

With Brilliant A900, it creates an aliphatic system, which means it is PAA free and offers yellowing resistance. It is compliant with FDA 177.1390 and suitable for pasteurization, retort and cold-forming, and for curing is with a climatic chamber. It is optimal for 45-minute sterilization processes at 134°C. This makes it the high performance adhesive of choice, for example, for baby foods and particularly aggressive filling goods.

Suitable for pasteurization, retort and cold-forming

With Brilliant A975, it creates an aromatic system that is suitable for hot filling, pasteurization, semi-retort, cold-forming and general usage for mid- to high-performance applications.

Optimal for 45-minute sterilization processes at 134°C

All of these solutions share the properties of excellent filling-good resistance and ensure that the packaging performs to the highest food safety standards even with aggressive fillings. Due to its high- performance properties, the adhesives are also microwavable, which is especially relevant for packaging convenience food products and ready-made meals.