Workshop on Sustainable Packaging Design for SIES SOP by Mr. Pravin Nadgoundi

Mr. Pravin Nadgoundi gave a brief presentation on sustainable packaging for the SIES students and other participants of the workshop.

  1. Relationship between sustainability and packaging – Maximizing social and economic wellbeing with a limited amount of environmental impacts.
  2. The tradeoffs between unwanted impacts and needed benefits – unwanted impacts like costs, fair labour, toxicity concerns, resource depletion, pollution and waste generation.
  3. Design strategies for creative packaging with reduced unwanted impacts
  4. The GPPS metrics that are useful to track improvements in package design
  5. Tools that are helpful to estimate life cycle impacts
  6. Relevant regulations and linkages to other initiatives

Contribution to Seva Sadan’s English Medium School

In October, we made a contribution to Seva Sadan Society’s English Medium School to aid in developing their school corpus.  The Seva Sadan Society’s English Medium School is a co-educational school in Mumbai for children from low-income families, most of whom are first-generation English learners.  Through our contribution we have been able to help the school build resilience and continue their wonderful work in providing quality education.

Donation of 75 Digital Devices to support E-Learning

Brilliant Polymers in association with Child Rights and You (CRY India) has contributed 75 digital devices to support the e-learning of underprivileged children in Maharashtra.

The shift to online education as a result of the on-going pandemic has had a disproportionate effect on disadvantaged children in our communities. Students who were already academically behind their high-income peers are at risk of falling further behind, perpetuating yet another generation of poverty.   However, this crisis has given us the opportunity to bridge the inequity gap and to enable a new form of learning that could be a true equalizer for all children.  Our donation of digital devices aims to help maintain continuity in the education of disadvantaged children in these difficult times.

Brilliant Polymers Profiled by Leading Industry Publications

Leading packaging industry magazines Packaging 360, Packaging South Asia and Packman have profiled Brilliant Polymers and our approach to doing business during the pandemic.  The article covers the changes we have implemented and the strategies we have used to strengthen and grow our business in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Please click on the below links to access the articles.

Brilliant Polymers – How to emerge stronger from COVID-19

Brilliant Polymers – How to emerge stronger from COVID-19–how-to-emerge-from-covid-19-stronger–from-surviving-to

Project Kalpavriksha

Brilliant Polymers launched “Project Kalpavriksha”, a project in partnership with SankalpTaru Foundation.  SankalpTaru is an NGO whose mission is to promote afforestation through planting trees across India whilst providing a livelihood to farmers.  

Under the partnership Brilliant Polymers has pledged to plant 1000 fruit-bearing trees on the land of farmers in rural Maharashtra thereby producing not only environmental benefits but also creating a sustainable source of income for farmers.